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Advantages are:
►     A simple communications method greatly decreasing the chances of errors occurring.
►     Immediate update of Head Office files allowing flash reports, etc.
\►     Allow much slower or older computers to be used in the stores as work stations with excellent response times.  The response time is totally dependent on the speed of the  network connection.
►     Head Office and stores have access to the same data. 
►     Purchase Orders to be created at either location and reviewed and/or modified at another location. 
►     Transfers can be initiated at the sending or receiving store or from Head Office.  Inventory is flagged as “In Transit” until it is received at the new store.
►     Labels can be created at any location and printed at the store.
►     Stores can check on Inventory availability at any store.
►     Access to the data at Head Office is available through any computer without tying up a computer at Head Office. 

Multi Store Functionality is built in

Multi-location location is simple with our Posal Cloud system.  No communications is necessary for all information resides on our cloud base server.  

Transactions are written directly to the cloud Server as they occur  if the internet is down at the retail site, then transactions are saved until it comes on line .  Cash stations are fully functional if the server is Off Line.   

Our server resides in a fully redundant data center with multiple backups, multiple UPS Systems with generator backup and multiple internet provider options.  It will not go down. 

Back office functions for all stores can be accessed from any device with internet access.   Store personnel have controlled access to  the Server with a unique user name and password.

SCSIP greatly simplifies Co-operative purchasing and inter-store transfers.  For Example:  Head office can create Purchase Orders; the store can review it and modify it as necessary; Head office then sends the order to the supplier and updates the P.O. for any price changes etc. ; The store receives the order and confirms prices and quantities;  The store or Head Office can then make any retail price changes and print the shelf and/or Price Labels.

Posal System Ltd

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