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Posal System Ltd.

At Posal System we develop the Point of Service(POS) system that meets your needs. Posal provides state of the art features that allow retailers and wholesalers to maximize their  potential and unleash the profits that are possible with POSAL. 

POSAL (Point of Service Advanced Language) is the result of 35 years of design and development experience in the retail software systems market by Dennis W. Leavitt, founder of Posal System.  The Cloud Back Office System has been developed by Dennis' son Matthew.

Whether you are a single location or have grown into multiple locations, our multi-lingual system provides a high-performance, flexible and easy-to-use POS solution that empowers business owners to conquer the challenges of today's hyper-competitive  environments. Our point of service(POS) solutions are ideal for virtually any setting and are successfully implemented in wholesale distribution, clothing stores, gift shops, dollar stores, pet supply, parts dealer, nursery/garden centers, wine and liquor stores, fast food and quick service, pizza/delivery businesses, and many more.
Serving Canada, U.S. and International Markets.


Posal System Ltd

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