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The cloud system has an automated ordering function that creates vendor purchase orders based on your sales history.  It is very intelligent looking at most recent sales as well as the previous years.

Access the CLoud at 

check it out with:

ID:  TryPosal
Password:  posal123

Cloud Management

All back office functions are on the cloud.  This eliminates the in-store server and dramatically increases reliability.  Posal Cloud can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.  Redundant disk drives and automated backups make totally eliminate  data loss.  The highest level of security is used to keep out hackers.  The Point Of Sale system constantly communicates with the Cloud system keeping things current.  If the POS Internet connection is down, it is still functional.  When the connection is restored, all transaction data is uploaded to the cloud.  

The Cloud system also incorporates Wholesale Order Entry and customer management.  Customers can even log in and enter their own orders from a preferred Inventory list.  

Posal System Ltd

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