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Data Cloud

POS can be easily customized to the exact needs of retailer

A Cloud based Inventory Management with resident POS that keeps functioning even without a connection

What is Posal?

Cloud Management Control

All back office functions are on the cloud which means that you can access the system from any device with internet access at any time.  Never loose data in our safe secure cloud servers.

Man Working from Home

Automated Ordering

If you wish Posal can automatically create your purchase order based on previous sales and current On Hand.  If you have customer special orders, then these are included.


Integrated Debit/Credit

Integrated to reduce errors and speed up customer service.  Global Payments and many other processors supported.  All receipts are optional.  No need to waste paper


Coming soon--Integrated Web Sales system

Industries Served

per store.jpg
Covenience store.jpg

And any  business that has Inventory to control

Posal System Ltd

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